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Homecare App is your go-to solution for all home service needs. Our platform offers homeowners a user-friendly experience, enabling them to effortlessly discover and hire skilled professionals for tasks like plumbing, cleaning, and more. With a Flutter mobile app and MERN stack web app, we've created a robust ecosystem that ensures convenience, quality, and peace of mind for both job seekers and service providers.

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Delivered a complete homecare solution with a Flutter mobile app and a MERN stack web app, simplifying home service hiring for users. Connects skilled professionals with homeowners effortlessly.

Homecare App: Bridging the gap between home service providers and job seekers through an intuitive website and mobile app, streamlining the hiring process for household services.

Homecare App boasts a sleek and user-friendly design, enhancing accessibility and engagement for both job seekers and service providers across web and mobile platforms.

Developed for cross-platform efficiency, the mobile app leverages Flutter's power, while the web app explores the versatile MERN stack, ensuring a seamless experience for users across devices.
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